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Bright Dental provides progressive dental care in a fun and comfortable environment for children and teenagers. Our doctors understand how to manage children’s behaviors to create a positive dental experience for kids. We use positive reinforcement throughout a treatment process, and employ a show-and-tell approach for all procedures to encourage cooperative behavior. Our office is also fully prepared with the necessary equipment for children’s dental treatments.
Separation anxiety is a type of stress which is experienced by babies and young children as they are growing up. Infants may show strong signs of separation anxiety in their wild cries and displays of fear or tension when they are alone. They may also display these signs when a stranger approaches them who they do not feel comfortable with. Babies are dependent on their parents and feel a sense of discomfort and malaise when they realize their parents disappear at intervals. According to researchers, this type of stress is normal during the developmental phase of a child’s life.


The signs and symptoms of separation anxiety may start to surface at around seven months of age but may be more prominent from ten to eighteen months of age. In our culture, parents stress autonomy and independence at an early age. Sometimes, dealing with separation anxiety can be frustrating for the baby and the parents as well.

3-Day – The three day diet combines high energy foods into each meal of the day for three days to stimulate weight loss. Foods that are consumed are coffee or tea, apples, melons, eggs, tuna, carrots and other fresh ingredients which produce energy in the body.


Atkins – The Atkins diet is effective because the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis are counted and controlled. This diet calls for eating only foods that are low in calories so that your body can digest foods and nutrients more efficiently to produce large amounts of energy.


Acai Berry – The acai berry diet is one that incorporates this berry into the diet. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of cleansing cells while rejuvenating the metabolism to produce whole body results.


Understanding the mechanics of digestion and what your body responds to is vital to finding the perfect diet. When you are able to complement your digestion with the perfect ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, along with many fresh fruits and vegetables, you will lose weight within weeks. Each of the many fad diets offer variations in healthy eating to give you the results you’ve been searching for..


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