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We all know that watching what we eat is an important aspect of weight loss. It is possible to produce the energy needed to shed pounds while toning the body through eating fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. The different types of fad diets utilize key principles of nutrition to accommodate healthy lifestyle changes.


Zone – The zone diet advocates consuming calories from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in moderation. This diet calls for an equal ratio of ingredients where the proteins do not overpower carbohydrates. This approach to dieting aims to balance hormones to produce desired results.


Weight Watchers – The weight watchers diet is one of the most popular diets which calls for a moderation of food, exercise, behavior modification and carbohydrate control. When you are able to maintain ample amounts of exercise with healthy lifestyle changes and eating an assortment of “core foods”, you will be able to lose weight with ease.


Sugar Busters – The sugar buster diet advocates that the consumption of sugars rather than fats lead to high blood sugar and weight problems. This diet encourages the elimination of sugars from the diet. Those who have blood sugar or cholesterol issues will benefit dramatically from this diet.



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